Re: htdig: Free BSD, local_urls
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 14:56:09 -0800

At 04:32 PM 11/23/98 -0600, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
>According to
>> At 03:44 PM 11/23/98 -0600, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
>> >You don't mention which version of ht://Dig you're running. The local
>> >directory stuff was introduced in 3.1.0b1, so if you're still running
>> >3.0.8b2, the local_urls directive is silently ignored. I ran into that
>> >problem a couple months ago. The current version is 3.1.0b2, and that's
>> >what the documentation at describes.
>> This is precisely what I use and it is driving me crazy, because according
>> everything I read it should work. htdig keeps reporting "unable to build
>> connection..." and that is it! :-(
>Do you have an http server running on this system? htdig still needs to
>talk to the server at the start, even if you use local_urls. At the very
>least, it tries to get /robots.txt from the server, as well as files for

I see... Hmm, this explains the problem. I have http running on the same
machine, but the server I am trying to index is virtual server and htdig
would not be able to see its alias IP address ... I wonder how to go around
this problem ... Any ideas?

What about making a minor change to the code, which makes htdig ignore the
error in case there it local_urls for the server it cannot connect to?


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