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Alexander Bergolth (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 21:44:45 +0100


At 17:02 23.11.98 , you wrote:
>If I got an alias for <> that links to
>the same computer than <> , does that
>mean that BOTH of them should be in my limit_urls_to string?
>(both of them are there for now)
>I also got this line in my conf file:

If both were in the same domain (e.g. server_aliases:, it would be easier to
and limit_normalized:

But in your case it is better to add both names to your limit_urls_to string.

(If you limit_urls_to: .com to let both names through the first check and
limit_normalized to, every external link that points to
*.com is normalized and therefore many DNS lookups will be done.)

>And when I run the diggin program, there's nothing telling me that it
>understood the alias. In the log it says:
>"New server:, 80"
>and that's it.
>Why isn't replacing "" by "" ?!?!?

It works the other way around: server_aliases replaces
So your start_url should be

Hope that helps,

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