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I've just joined this list, and I'm asking a question straight away... I
hope somebody can help me, or at least point me in the right direction.

We're running htdig on a server which has a number of symbolic links and
server aliases requested by the owners of individual directories to make
more memorable URLs: eg is aliased (or
linked) to When we run a dig, because of
inevitable inconsistencies in URLs, htdig finds, and indexes, both
paths. A search is then liable to turn up two copies of some documents
in the results, listed one after the other (naturally, because they are
the same document and thus have the same content).

Is there any way of telling htdig to ignore these duplicates? Duplicate
server names can be controlled with the server_aliases directive, but is
there an equivalent for paths? I see that 'Eliminate or detect duplicate
documents' is in the todo list: is this the same as what I am asking, or
is there already a solution to this problem?

TIA for *any* help on this. I promise to be a good citizen and stick
around on the list to answer others' questions when I've learned some


Danny Birchall
University of Sussex Information Service
Tel: (0)1273 678745
Fax: (0)1273 678441

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