Re: htdig: rundig not finding all url indexes in htdig.conf

Geoff Hutchison (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 13:34:45 -0500

At 1:40 PM -0500 11/20/98, Debra Wilcox wrote:
>location being searched, the first url listed in the htdig.conf file.


start_urls: \ \ \

If you want to include linebreaks, you'll need to end the lines with "\" as
a signal that the line continues.

>although it says "Documents 11-20 of 91 matches", etc on these pages. Can
>someone please help me? I have no documentation but what is listed in the
>files themselves and searched the archives. We are running an Apache Web
>Server, UNIX, BSDI.

For more documentation, see which has all of the
documentation online. What you see may disappear after a successful run
using "rundig"

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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