htdig: rundig not finding all url indexes in htdig.conf

Debra Wilcox (
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 12:40:36 -0600


I am very new to htdig. A very well versed technical person set it up on
our server originally. He is out of town. We need to change the searchable
urls in the config file. I changed them and another technical person who is
not familiar with htdig tried running rundig for me. Now there is only one
location being searched, the first url listed in the htdig.conf file. Also,
sometimes the documentation at the top of the search results screen says it
is showing 1-10 of 91 matches, shows 2 on the first screen, and when you
push any other numbers at the bottom of the screen there is nothing listed,
although it says "Documents 11-20 of 91 matches", etc on these pages. Can
someone please help me? I have no documentation but what is listed in the
files themselves and searched the archives. We are running an Apache Web
Server, UNIX, BSDI.

Thanks in advance for any help you can send along!

Here is the message received when running rundig.

htdig: Run complete
htdig: 1 server seen:

Here is my config file through the portion I changed

# Example config file for ht://Dig.
# Last modified 2-Sep-1996 by Andrew Scherpbier
# This configuration file is used by all the programs that make up ht://Dig.
# Please refer to the attribute reference manual for more details on what
# can be put into this file. (
# Note that most attributes have very reasonable default values so you
# really only have to add attributes here if you want to change the defaults.
# What follows are some of the common attributes you might want to change.
# Specify where the database files need to go. Make sure that there is
# plenty of free disk space available for the databases. They can get
# pretty big.
database_dir: /var/www/htdig/db
# This specifies the URL where the robot (htdig) will start. You can specify
# multiple URLs here. Just separate them by some whitespace.
# The example here will cause the ht://Dig homepage and related pages to be
# indexed.

Debra Wilcox
629 Poyntz Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66502

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