ht://Dig included in Search Tools article

Avi Rappoport (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:10:46 -0800

Dear Andrew and Geoff,

I just wrote an article for CNet's about adding search to web
sites, and mentioned ht://Dig in several places. I hope it encourages
potential users to consider your product. The article is at

Just for your information, Search Tools Consulting is now providing
industry and competitive analysis services, with in-depth reports on web
site search products. We will be doing lab testing with the TREC (NIST)
databases as well as customer surveys of search tool needs.

We will include ht://Dig in all our tests and give you some of the results,
as I'm sure you'll find them very interesting. No charge, of course, as we
support Open Source software.


Avi Rappoport <>
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