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Mathieu Bezkorowajny (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:02:16 +0000

Jacques Reynes wrote:

> But I have a second problem: In France, users could have two sorts of
> keybords: QWERTY or AZERTY.
> If they use the AZERTY one, there is no problem they can type and query
> texts with french accent
> If they use an QWERTY keybord, it is quite impossible to query a text
> including french accent. So often
> they ask a string without accent.
> Example: To ask for étudiant they type etudiant and the answer is this word
> is not in the server.
> The idea I had is to use synonyms:
> synonym étudiant etudiant
> but now I'm unable to find étudiants, étudiante, ...

        The thing I am trying to do is to convert every iso-encoded
character to it's HTML equivalent (since the file I will be searching
will be in HTML format anyway) so that étudiant becomes étudiant.
There is a little C program called iso2html that will do that.

        What I don't know is where to do the conversion:

        Solution 1: Hack the source directly i.e insert a fonction (is it the good place?) to do the job but
        I'll have to convert iso2html to C++ which is not a
        pic-nic ; )

        Solution 2: Do a CGI script that will do the conversion
        to the query string and then call htsearch. I don't figure
        yet how to do that, that is : call a CGI inside another.
        I am currently using SIOD as a scripting language, but
        if anybody know how to do that in Perl or any other
        language, that would be fine for me.

 Thanks Anyway...
 À la prochaine...
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