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Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:02:49 +0000

Mathieu Bezkorowajny <> wrote:
" I would really like to make it work better in French, the first thing
I'd like to do is to make htdig recognize accented character in
the query string (ISO encoding), ...."

One solution is to replace the default dico (the english one) by the french
dico of ispell.

But I have a second problem: In France, users could have two sorts of
keybords: QWERTY or AZERTY.
If they use the AZERTY one, there is no problem they can type and query
texts with french accent
If they use an QWERTY keybord, it is quite impossible to query a text
including french accent. So often
they ask a string without accent.
Example: To ask for étudiant they type etudiant and the answer is this word
is not in the server.

The idea I had is to use synonyms:
synonym étudiant etudiant

but now I'm unable to find étudiants, étudiante, ...

If somebody has found a solution, I will be very glad to have an answer.
This problem might appear in many languages : german, spanish, ...

Thanks in advance

Jacques Reynes

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