htdig: French version

Mathieu Bezkorowajny (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 20:27:09 +0000

I've just installed htdig and I must admit that I am really impressed
by the speed and the flexibility of the system.

        I would really like to make it work better in French, the first thing
I'd like to do is to make htdig recognize accented character in
the query string (ISO encoding), this is an easy thing to do but I
don't know if I should wrap htsearch in a CGI script that will do
the job but or should I inserte a function directly in the source
code at the risk of schooting myself in the foot (i am not a fully
qualified C programmer, I wish I was...). After that it would be nice
if the database was less anglo-centric, I don't fully understand how
the thing work (read, read ,read, you must read! And understand to!),
but what i see is that there is a preconfigured bank of word and some
sort of synonyms, doing a French version of that from scratch would
be a really long and boring job but I think there is already some
work like that done on the Net.

        Anyway, if anybody got pointers or suggestions about how
to make this work, feel free to contact me.

Long live free software.
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