Re: htdig: DB2 problem on AIX 4.1.5 - unexpeceted file format

James B. MacLean (macleajb@Trademart-1.EDnet.NS.CA)
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 13:38:10 -0400 (AST)

Hi Alexander et al,

This DBM information I could not find in this release. What I did find was
that by default, it was using -O3 in it's DB compilations on AIX. I
changed that back to -O2 and my last htmerge was successfull.

At this time, having changed nothing else except adding the --debug
request of Mr. Htdig :), I am being led to believe that the -O3 to gcc was
the problem. I'll report back if I find it failing again.

Hope this helps some others too,

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Alexander Bergolth wrote:

> Hi!
> At 22:30 04.11.98 , James B. MacLean wrote:
> >With this new release (3.1..) on and AIX 4.1.5 box I am always getting :
> >----------------------------------
> >htmerge: Total word count: 117886
> >DB2 problem...: /usr/local/htdig/db/db.docdb: unexpected file format
> I had the same problem on AIX 4.2.1. (Did you use xlc?)
> On 1998/09/14 I posted the fix for my box to the ht://Dig list.
> Hope that helps!

James B. MacLean
Department of Education
Nova Scotia, Canada
B3M 4B2

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