htdig: General questions - passworded sections

Tammie Gorzelsky (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 14:21:46 -0500

    I just got put on a project to update a htdig search engine, thing
is they want to be able to access a password secured section also in the
search. The questions I have are:
- Can you have more than one htdig search running on the same machine?

- If not can you require a userid and password on the form to pass along
with the search to see if you _can_ access those pages?

- I assume(hope i not making an ass out of u and me :) from reading over
this site that you have to re'dig' the site to get the new pages onto
it, and that you can also use the username:password flag inorder to be
able to access the secured pages?

Basically what I am really looking for is some sort of FAQ about the
operations of htdig if there is one, and if not, if someone could help
me out, I would be very grateful!


Tammie D
University of Pittsburgh at
Johnstown                                       Computer Science

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