Re: htdig: DB2 problem on AIX 4.1.5 - unexpeceted file format

James B. MacLean (macleajb@Trademart-1.EDnet.NS.CA)
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 21:12:11 -0400 (AST)

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> At 4:30 PM -0500 11/4/98, James B. MacLean wrote:
> >I do not believe it to be a space problem. Any suggestions as to where I
> >should look?
> This may sound obvious, but you said "in this new release." Did you upgrade
> from 3.0.8b2? If so, did you forget to remove your old databses?

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, this was an upgrade, but I removed the previous install (actually
moved it to a far far away place :). After it blew up the first time, I
checked the space again, deleted it all, and re-ran, still same error,
same place :(.

> If not, try removing the databases or running with '-a' to eliminate the
> possibility of database corruption.

I will run it again with a -a on both htdig and htmerge to check this
suggestion out.

> There are other possibilities (the DB code didn't compile correctly), but
> these are more likely.

It was the cleanest by far of the htdig installs I've done here on an AIX
box. unsigned int -> unsigned long in the htlib/ which was
noted in the changelog as fixed were the only changes I made...

  71600128 Nov 4 11:50 db.docdb
      2048 Nov 4 12:06
 129562285 Nov 4 12:06 db.wordlist
  88920064 Nov 4 12:06 db.words.db

Incase it helps :)...

> -Geoff Hutchison
> Williams Students Online

many thanks,

James B. MacLean
Department of Education
Nova Scotia, Canada
B3M 4B2

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