Re: htdig: rundig on new install -- HELP!

Geoff Hutchison (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 08:51:32 -0500

At 3:06 AM -0500 11/3/98, wrote:

> I have searched the archive and tried removing gdb references from
>Makefile.config, recompiling, removing db/db.*, then rundig or even htdig
>alone. Same informative error. My config.log is attached. Any ideas???

You've told us what the permissions on the files are, but an "ls -l" and
"ls -ld" would be informative too. I run into this problem frequently since
I run htdig through cron as user "htdig" and forget to re-own everything to
this user after running a dig from the command line.

I'd look at who owns the files and directories and not necessarily the
permissions themselves. It may sound silly, but as I said, I do this all
the time. (Remember that make install is usually run as root, not
necessarily the user running the dig.)

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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