htdig: Announcing ht://Dig 3.1.0b2

Geoff Hutchison (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 00:07:01 -0500

I'd like to announce the release of ht://Dig 3.1.0b2. This release has been
made possible by many contributions and bug reports, some of which have
been posted to the list as patches.

Release notes for htdig-3.1.0b2 1 Nov 1998

This version adds a few minor features as well as many bugfixes. It is
still considered beta as some bug reports have not been fully examined.

     * Fixed a major database corruption problem. Since this bug
       corrupted the document databases, to completely fix it, you will
       need to rebuild your databases from scratch.
     * Fixed many problems with the Makefiles and configure scripts.
       Using ./configure --prefix= now works.
     * Added fixes for connection problems with Digital Alpha-based
       systems contributed by Paul J. Meyer!
     * Added support for syslog-based htsearch logging. See the config
       documentation for more details. Thanks to Leo Bergolth for this!
     * Added fixes to work with DNS aliases (as opposed to virtual hosts)
       through the server_aliases and limit_normalized options as
       contributed by Leo Bergolth.
     * Added cleanups of the HTML parser and the connection timeout code
       contributed by Reni Seindal.
     * Now supports case insensitive servers through the case_sensitive
     * Now supports ISO 8601 date format, using the iso_8601 option.
     * Added a wrapper to emulate Exite for Web Servers (EWS) contributed
       by John Grohol.
     * Added fixes to the contrib script to work with DB2
       contributed by Jacques Reynes.
     * Added a new contributed synonyms file from John Banbury
     * Added a new template variable: CURRENT, the number of the current
       match, from a patch by Reni Seindal.
     * Many other minor bugs were fixed, so a big thanks to everyone who
       submitted a bug report or a patch! See the ChangeLog for more

For more detailed descriptions of changes and patches included, see the
ChangeLog for this version:

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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