htdig: Different ouput format for htsearch

Mike Dagan (
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 09:24:44 PDT


I am using htdig to search html files that have a same format. The
beginning of all files is is a table that i want to display to the
users when a match to the keywords is found. In other words, i
want to replace the current output format of htserch to include
the above tables.
1) Does anyone have a patch for this.
2) What do have to do to make these changes? (I started to look at the
code and it seems that i need to change the

Example: for an html file

Some Test
only information in this table should be output to users when a match is found.
all words here should be indexed but not output the users if some one search for the word "indexed" above, i want to display: table goes here
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