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Timothy P. Peterman (
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 14:54:32 -0400

> At 4:59 PM -0400 10/2/98, Randy Cosby wrote:
> >Has anyone written a version of the "syntax.html" file that explains proper
> >usage of the boolean option? The current error message is really
> >uninformative.

This is not a version of syntax.html, but part of a separate
"Search FAQ" I wrote up for users at our intranet web site
(could easily be written into "syntax.html").

What is the Syntax for a BOOLEAN type search?

  For the boolean option, you can separate your words with AND,
  OR, and NOT (UPPER CASE). You can also group items with
  parentheses. Here is an example of a Boolean Search:

  (solaris AND software) NOT (y2k OR 2000 OR compliant)

Tim Peterman
Lockheed Martin
Moorestown, NJ
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