htdig: exclude_urls

Frank Guangxin Liu (
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 18:14:44 -0500

Is it true that both "exclude_urls" and "bad_extensions" use
case insensitive matching?

Can "exclude_urls" be used to exclude one host from my domain
when I am htdigging my whole domain (limit_urls_to:
Will the following work?
exclude_urls: may have several hostnames (aliases), but
since I set allow_virtual_hosts: false
will htdig automatically do a normalization to ip address and
exclude the url (badhost) based on the ip address? Literal
matching of the hostname will NOT work in this case since people
may have links to that badhost using different aliases. Do I
have to put all possible aliases in the "exclude_urls"?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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