htdig: Many CLOSE_WAIT State remain active

Jimmy D. Porter (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 23:36:52 -0400

I do not think this is a HtDig problem, but perhaps someone else has ran
into this before:

After running an HtDig session on our web server, I have many Active
Internet Sessions in the state of CLOSE_WAIT - sometimes 20 to 30. I am
running netstat to check on the connections. These connections eventually
go away, but eat heavily into system resources while running. By
restarting the server, I am able to kill all of the CLOSE_WAIT connections.

I could just have the script that runs HtDig restart the server, but that
just does not seem the right thing to do.

This web site is secured and requires user_name and password to access.
HtDig handles this ok. I think that this web site being secure is causing
my problems, as another web site that I use HtDig to index does not leave
active CLOSE_WAIT sessions.

Both web sites are on the same server. The only difference is one web site
is secure, the other is not. A separate compile and database are used for
each site.

Many Thanks,


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