Re: htdig: crontab problem solved!??

Andrew Scherpbier (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:00:47 -0700

Brian Litke wrote:
> Well,
> I went and updated to the same version of vixie cron and I'm still getting
> the error message. I started off with a Redhat 5.0 distribution. Do you
> know if there are any other modifications you have made that might have
> affected htdig?
> Thanks,
> Brian
> >Well, after more trial and error, I found that the famous
> >"htmerge: Word sort failed" problem under cron goes
> >away when the vixie-cron package on Redhat Linux
> >is upgraded.
> >
> >My old version (use rpm -q vixie-cron) was
> > vixie-cron-3.0.1-20
> >
> >And the successful version for me is
> > vixie-cron-3.0.1-26
> >
> >I got my vixie-cron update from the redhat ftp site,
> >under the rawhide directory, but you can look around, it may be
> >elsewhere.
> >
> >Jeff

Just FYI,
I run rundig from cron on a daily basis on a debian linux 2.0.35 system using
the cron_3.0pl1-45.deb debian package.

dpkg --info reports:
 Package: cron
 Version: 3.0pl1-45
 Architecture: i386
 Depends: libc6, bsdutils, debianutils (>=1.7)
 Recommends: smail | sendmail | mail-transport-agent
 Suggests: anacron (>=2.0-1)
 Installed-Size: 112
 Maintainer: Steve Greenland <>
 Description: management of regular background processing
  cron is a background process (`daemon') that runs programs at regular
  intervals (for example, every minute, day, week or month); which
  processes are run and at what times are specified in the `crontab'.
  Users may also install crontabs so that processes are run on
  their behalf, though this feature can be disabled or restricted to
  particular users.
  Output from the commands is usually mailed to the system administrator
  (or to the user in question); you should probably install a mail system
  as well so that you can receive these messages.
  This cron package is configured by default to do various standard
  system maintenance tasks, such as ensuring that logfiles do not
  grow endlessly and overflow the disk.

I index about 15,000 documents on two servers. So far I haven't had any

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