Re: htdig: meta robots tag problem

Mark Malecha (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 11:17:36 -0500 said:
> So for all those afflicted with this bug (probably many of us), I
> apologize. I made a big thinko with differing versions of my META
> robots patches. Below is a patch to with a variety of fixes,
> including the META robots behavior. I hope it will fix the problems
> intended. :-)

Yes, now the robot behaves like I want it to. Thanks.

> Hopefully this will also fix the error seen in this file
> under gcc-2.7.2. Since I don't have this compiler around anymore,
> please let me know if it disappears.

Patched compiled with no complains from gcg 2.7.2
on my system.

BTW, what http user agent htdig reports to the server? Is
it "htdig" or "ht://Dig" or something else?

                    --------- Mark Malecha

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