Re: htdig: ht://dig doesn't work.

Phillip Morgan (
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:10:39 +1000

Hello webmaster,

> > I'm having terrible problems getting ht://dig to work on my SLackware Linux system
> >(kernel 2.0.30).

> You might try setting your start point to
> and leave your limit_urls at Use rundig to
> rebuild from scratch.
> I found I needed to point my htdig at my main navigation page, rather
> than the home page address. If this works, I think you are then going to
> have trouble with your frames...

Sigh. It never ends.... :-(

Initially, not knowing anything about search engines, I thought it would simply index all
pages in the document rout specified as start_utl. Then it became obvious htdig actually
follows [some] links through the web pages.

What's irking me is why it is only some, not others. I have two systems. is the primary machine, is another. The web
pages are currently stored at, which is really

Here's an extract from the chain of web files.. The first is index.htm, which points to
ftpmenu.htm which has four buttons.

a href="ftpmenu.htm" TARGET="main" onMouseOver="window.status='Visit our HUGE FTP site and
download everything for free!' ;return true" onMouseOut="window.status='';return true">
  <IMG SRC="./pics/idxbut10.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="Huge FTP Archive."></A>


[ftpmenu.htm] <a href="htdigsrch.html"><img src="./pics/idxbut23.gif" border=0 alt="Use our search engine to locate the files you need"></a>

<a href="filelogo.htm"><img src="./pics/idxbut22.gif" border=0 alt="Browse through the files by category"></a>

<a href=""><img src="./pics/idxbut24.gif" border=0 alt="Browse through the files via text directory listings"></a>

<a href="ftpindex.htm"><img src="./pics/idxbut21.gif" border=0 alt="View the HUGE list of files by filename."></a>

The third button (idxbut24.gif), brings up the text based directory listing, which is probably obvious from the code. The last (idxbut21.gif), is a list of every file on the ftp machine, as shown by the next few lines...


[ftpindex.htm] <A HREF=""><B></B></A> <A HREF=""><B></

htdig won't catalog these pages. In fact, it won't even catalog ftpindex.htm, but it does catalog ftpmenu.htm

Has me baffled :-(


Phillip Morgan,

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