Re: htdig: ht://dig doesn't work.

Phillip Morgan (
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 11:23:56 +1000

hello Geoff,

> >I then added another 5593 web pages, and ran it again. It refused too
> >index the new pages
> >and still complained that the other pages couldn't be found, even after
> >using htdig -i
> >again, and manually deleting the databases.
> You mentioned running "htdig -i" after deleting the databases. But have you
> run "htmerge" too?
Sorry, I was being brief.

Yes, I always run htmerge et al after each run of htdig.

The "rundig" script you probably used to do the first
> run actually does a number of things, including running htmerge and htfuzzy
> (to generate the synonyms and endings DB).
Hmm. I've tried running htdig and others separate as well as using rundig, without


Phillip Morgan,

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