htdig: which file display output from templates

Jerry Preeper (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 15:53:44 -0700

A quick question. Does anyone know which file produces and displays the
output of searches using the header.html, nomatch.html and syntax.html
files in /www/domain/htdig/common/ ? I noticed something in
regarding Display::displayHeader() but wasn't quite sure how this works.

I have an ad banner program that I want to display in these pages and the
standard ssi (exec cgi) doesn't work when included on these pages. I have
some c code that executes the ad banner program and writes it to a temp
file for including in the output but I haven't been able to locate in the
source yet where to put it.

The code I want to insert is simply:

system ("/www/domain/cgi-bin/ssirand.cgi > temp");
open (TEMP, "temp");
@temp = <TEMP>;
close TEMP;
print "<CENTER>$temp[4]</CENTER>\n";

so that a banner ad is selected from the ssirand.cgi program (to track
displays and ultimately clickthroughs properly), write the output to a temp
file, close it and print it right after the BODY tag in the header, syntax
and nomatch pages.

Any ideas or pointers?

Thanks in advance.


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