htdig: ht://dig doesn't work.

Phillip Morgan (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:30:53 +1000

Hello All,

I'm having terrible problems getting ht://dig to work on my SLackware Linux system (kernel

I've found that to index pages I've had to recompile the programs each time. I hade 250
web pages in my document root. They indexed ok.

Then I deleted them and ht://dig correctly told me they couldn't be found. But when I used
htdig -i to do initial creation it still complained the files couldn't be found. So I
deleted the db files and ran it again, only to be told the same thing.

I then added another 5593 web pages, and ran it again. It refused too index the new pages
and still complained that the other pages couldn't be found, even after using htdig -i
again, and manually deleting the databases.

my document root is at I'm running apache 1.2.
limit urls is ser to the start page. I'm not using the proxy option.

Can someone please help :-(


Phillip Morgan,

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