htdig: QUESTION: Not printing URL's and Searching on hyphens

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Thu, 24 Sep 1998 21:38:20 -0400


This is actually two questions:

I would like *not* to print the URL, filesize and date in the search
results. How can this be done using the htdig.conf file? I am unable to
modify the source code due to server restrictions. The basic problem is
that the URL forces a table off the screen since it will not wrap.

Second question: I must search on model numbers, which usually contain a
hyphen. I dropped the hypen from the valid_punctuation: _!#$%^&*' so that
it would be searched upon - but now I find that instead of looking for
FTR-801 it looks for FTR "and" 801 and gives no results found.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice on either or both of these.

Thanks in advance,

Jerry Johnston

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