Re: htdig: PDF Parsing errors

Jacques Le Mouel (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:58:43 -0400

Anat Rozenzon wrote:
> I too got this error even when setting:
> max_doc_size: 50000000
> and the pdf is not so large about 300k
> what else could be wrong?

Geoff solution is very real. My htdig site is 99% PDF; in the beginning,
it was totally failing because of the size problem.
Now is it just fine.

If you have a problem only with one document, maybe the problem is with
the PDF file. Try to manually:
        acroread -toPostScript file.pdf

a see what Acrobat says. Maybe the document has an open password. Maybe
it has the "can't print" security option set. Maybe it is damaged in
some way.
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