Prabhanjan M (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 16:55:10 +0500

        We are trying to use htdig to search our intranet. We are
using Apache 1.2.6 HTTP server. Our htdig.conf file has:

start_url: http://intranet/~prabham

When we did:

./htdig -h 5 -i -v -v -t

we got only the following message:

New server: intranet, 80
pick: intranet:80, # servers = 1
0:0:0:http://intranet/~prabham: redirect
pick: intranet:80, # servers = 1

whereas if we use http://intranet/ as the start_url, we get quite a long
message showing each url being processed. (URLs under
http://intranet/~prabham are not shown, we get a similar "redirect"
message as before.)

Please suggest how to fix this problem.



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