Re: htdig: updating / reindexing and other questions

Jerry Preeper (
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 11:39:47 -0500

Thanks for the assistance everyone, I think I have taken care of most of my

New question, how stable is 3.1.0b1? I would really like to use the
local_urls directives to index through the filesystem (and ignore SSI
directives to avoid adding banner impressions and such). Again I'm running
FreeBSD 2.2.6 and Apache, if this makes a difference.

>>.work files to the main files. This didn't show me the page I added
>>recently either. Any ideas?
>Is the page linked from another page already in the database? If there
>isn't a link to the page, ht://Dig can't find it.

Yes, a link was added to a page that was already indexed. I'm not sure
what happened but today it is indexed. Probably had something to do with
my moving the work files around.

>>2) Does anyone know if there is a way (without using the endings) to prefix
>>match or match parts of words without slowing down the searching too much?
>Define "too much." There are substring and prefix fuzzy matching
>algorithms. Try them out and see if they're fast enough for you.

I will start taking a look at these next, right now I've been very
impressed with htdig's speed (on about 3,000 pages) and just want to keep
things pretty quick.

>>3) I know that htdig indexes the pages through a http process and I was
>>wondering if there was another alternative to this. My real desire is not
>If you're running htdig on the server, you can upgrade to 3.1.0b1 and use
>the local_urls directives to index through the filesystem. This will also
>ignore SSI directives.

Jerry Preeper

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