Re: htdig: new servers's get added ?

Andrew Scherpbier (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 08:01:46 -0700

chris wrote:
> when I go to update my database I keep seeing messages like
> New server:, 80
> I have done a full grep of all local files and can not find a reff to this
> site , and its not included in my start_url or one of my limit_to url ?
> ant other tips to lock htdig to a fixed group of sites ? ( two local
> domains and two remote domains)

I have seen this happen when there is a link to an URL that contains one of
the domains you are indexing as a parameter. Some web counters do this.
The only thing you can do is to explicitly exclude the domain.

I believe one of the verbose levels will print out enough information to track
which page contains the link, but the output will be large.

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