htdig: htdig on AIX server

pgervais (
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:49:07 +0200


Did somebody succeed in install htdig on a AIX 4.x server ??? I tried it
at my school but i had some problems !

When I launch % ./configure it's impossible to launch make because the
syntax of Makefile and Makefile.config files is not correct. I had to
delete all the ^M in that files. After that, if I do % make depend or
make a splendid message appears :

make: 1254-002 Impossible de trouver une règle pour la création de la
cible all avec les fichiers de dépendance (Arrêt).
english traduction : it's not possible to find a rule to create the
target all with the files of dependence (or something like that !)

Well, my level is too low to do anything after a such message ! I need
the of an 'authentic'.

Sorry for my bad english but I'm a french student musician that operate
a reconversion...

Thanks in advance for any message that can help me

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