htdig: ht3.1.0b1 single quotes & 302 redirects

Gordon Hopper (
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 13:18:05 -0600

These observations are based off the output of htdig during a dig.

1) htdig doesn't understand single quotes in URL's. For example,
<A HREF=''>click here</A> in a page will result is
htdig looking for''

2) Redirects (302 or 304) followed by Not Found (404) return the ref as
the original request, like this:

Not found: Ref:

Instead of returning the page with the original request. It would be
more useful if it treated the 'redirect page' as an alias instead of a
page to be indexed. It would also work if it treated it the same as a
404, but still follow the indicated link.

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