Re: htdig: +word -word and "word string"

Michael Glauche (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 15:32:01 +0200

>I was wondering hoe to implement +word (= use word) and -word (neglect
>word) into htdig. As I see it, +word could be just AND-ing words and
>-word could be AND NOT words.
>There has to be a parser/wrapper to cope with +/-word and a Boolean
>string could be formed and passed to the real htsearch.
>"word string" should be converted to word AND word. It's not
>as good as the real meaning of "..." but better than


   I had some similar problems, I wanted to store all the words,
wich are entered in a database.

I did write a little php3 ( wrapper for htsearch.
You could easily expand it to make the +/- thing work.
(its only a "header


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