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Andrew Scherpbier (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:04:45 -0700

Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> >- Is it possible to specify at search time whether to use endings or not
> You can have a "conf" field with a pop-up menu. Then one conf file can have
> the endings and another won't. Otherwise the conf files would be identical.

In addition to that, you can specify the search algorithm to be used at search
time by prefixing the words with the algorithms.
For example, regardless of how the config file is setup, you can always use
something like:


which will search for 'computer' using the 'exact' algorithm.
You can specify multiple algorithms as well as specifying the weight for each
Check the docs/sources on the details of this.

BTW, I realize that this is probably not very well documented. In addition to
the regular search words, you can use the algorithm prefix stuff in the
'keywords' field as well. This is how one user of ht://Dig restricts where to
search; he put a pulldown list of general search terms on the search form so
that a search can be performed on a subset of his site that otherwise could
not be divided up by looking at URLs.
(Not sure how to explain all this...)

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