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Michael J. Long (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 18:53:42 -0400

Michael Glauche wrote:


> - is the database part somehow apart from the rest of the source ?
> (did not take a closer look yet ...)

It looks like it is fairly well designed OO code, therefore, it should
be possible without too much effort.

Use the htlib/GDBM_db class as an example. Essentially, extend
htlib/Database (let's say MySQL_db) and modify the code in
Database::getDatabaseInstance to use mySQL instead of GDBM. Maybe you
could get fancy and have it use a config variable.

Of course, you might want to change the db config settings (many config
settings contain file names) to remove the gdbm endings. Which might
require changes to, which might require changes to...



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