Re: htdig: ht3.1.0b1 and PDF

Geoff Hutchison (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 09:08:55 -0400

>When I set the param up in my htdig.config file as follows:
>pdf_parser: /usr/contrib/bin/pdftops

>pdf_parser: /usr/contrib/bin/pdftops %src %dest

The pdf_parser attribute isn't set up for replacing "%src" or "%dest". In
short, it's not a command-line for the pdf program, it's just the location
of the program itself.

Why? Well the code initially didn't even bother to check for the existence
of acrobat--it just went ahead and called it. Since it couldn't find it on
my system, it sent lots of messages to stderr. So I fixed it and it checks
for the file before calling it.

But I wanted to get the code out reasonably soon. So I didn't have a chance
to completely test the code replacing "%src" or "%dest" or picking out the
first word from the pdf_parser attribute and checking the file. Something
wasn't working right and I had other (more serious) bugs jumping at me.

This will be in 3.1.0b2. But it's not really supported in 3.1.0b1. If
someone wants to beat me to a patch, great!

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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