Re: htdig: Announcing ht://Dig 3.1.0b1

Geoff Hutchison (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 21:10:30 -0400

> In method `void HTML::do_tag(class Retriever &, class String
> warning: initialization of non-const `String &' from
>rvalue `String'
> ../htlib/htString.h:63: warning: in passing argument 1 of
>`String::operator =(String &)'

What compiler are you using? I don't get any significant warnings when
compiling with gcc or egcs, even when using -Wall to turn on all warnings.

>I went ahead and installed it anyway and tried to do a rundig. Got some
>messages from htdig saying that it couldn't find my PDF parser. I didn't
>worry to much about that, but then:
> /usr/bin/sort: @DATABASE_DIR@/sort0070600000: No such file or directory
> htmerge: Word sort failed

Did you do a "make install" or just copy the files? The "@DATABASE_DIR@" is
a variable that is expanded when the files are run through the make program.

>Seems htdig was going along okay, but the merge wouldn't run. Could this
>be because I've got BerkeleyDB 1.85.4-4 running? I didn't want to
>install the newer version as another program (mySQL) I'm running is
>using 1.85.

No, the database code is installed into the binaries directly (statically).
It won't use any other copies of BerkeleyDB or anything else for that
matter. It didn't run the merge because it couldn't find the databases, as
the sort error above indicates.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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