htdig: Anyone Try Excite?

Jeff Breidenbach (
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 01:47:19 -0400

Lee et all,

I tried excite about three months ago, on Slowlaris.

It worked, but felt extremely klunky in places, expecially the
installation process, and was a pain to customize. For a klunkiness
example, the excite install came with an obsolete version of perl, and
had a shell script that first ran itself under sh and then perl4
<shudder> Also, the summaries given on a successful match were
non-descriptive and all around lame, although I can't remember exactly
what it was they were lacking. I switched to htdig, and have found it
to be significantly higher quality.

The one thing excite does offer that htdig doesn't, that I'd love to
see in htdig, is the ability to index off of the local filesystem
rather than through http.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

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