htdig: htdig-3.1.0b1 and htdig-noindex
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 11:08:02 +0100

I have discovered something funny in the new version if you use
htdig-noindex. I have this on one page I have been indexing and get the
following "funnies". The page also has several keywords and I have been
using these for the search. On the old version of htdig it would find the
keyword and on the search results page I would get a match and see the page
info. With the new version I still get a match but no longer get the page
info printed. Even more strange is if the number of hits is more than a
page because then I get the right number of hits printed ut but the one
with htdig-noindex is not printed, instead the first entry on the second
page is printed at the end of the first page (if the missing entry would
previously have appeared on the first page) and also at the top of the
second page. If I remove the htdig-noindex of course, everything appears as
it should. I am still looking at this one.

Secondly there seems to have been a partial attempt to implement comma
separated keyword lists but it hasn't worked. It needs an edit to change
htdig/ so that :-

        w = strtok(0, " \t\r\n");
        w = strtok(0, " ,\t\r\n");
This change should be made for "content" as well as "keywords" if comma
separated "content" is required.

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