htdig: Sudden htdig problem...

Dan Schleifer (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 20:02:16 +0000

Just when I thought I had conquered my first problem (loading framsets
thru searches) I ran across another. I modified (in
htdig/htsearch/) to send the url to my perl script instead of directly
to the browser. I recompiled, installed, and got my first error...The
error occurs when running htmerge and here it is:

%htmerge -sv

Somewhere_deep_inside...: /usr/local/htdig/db/db.words.db: unexpected
file format
htmerge: Unable to create/open the word database

Now, after a bit of proding around I started backtracking. I re-ran
htdig. Same error in htmerge. I recompiled and installed without my change. Same error in htmerge. Re-downloaded the zip
file and recompiled and installed with no changes but the bare
nessecities. Still, the same damn error message in htmerge. I have now
removed, re-downloaded, re-compiled, and re-installed the whole thing
several times. For the life of me I can't figure it out. So now I have
solicited the help of my company's programmer (I am still learning
programming so I get him to help when I run into things like this), he
can't figure it out. I had htdig running very well for several months
and have never come across this error. Any advice?

Dan Schleifer
Tactical Solutions

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