htdig: same @DATABASE@ error I saw from old list post on deja news.

dstephen (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 23:58:26 -0500

 After puzzling how to for the greater part of the day, I got htdig to
work. I managed to have it work fine for several sites locally of about
35 pages, and a site of 121 pages or so on the internet. Then I was
trying a site of ours with 520 pages. Every time I ran rundig, I got a
message like:

/bin/sort: @DATABASE_DIR@ /sort0989080: no such file or
htmerge: word sortfailed

As I said I only get this on this sit with a great number of pages. The
post I saw on deja news was very similar to the problem I am having
(I searched for @DATABASE_DIR@.. thats how I found this list)

"> In method `void HTML::do_tag(class Retriever &,
class String
> warning: initialization of non-const `String &'
>rvalue `String'
> ../htlib/htString.h:63: warning: in passing argument 1 of
>`String::operator =(String &)'

What compiler are you using? I don't get any significant warnings
compiling with gcc or egcs, even when using -Wall to turn on all

>I went ahead and installed it anyway and tried to do a rundig. Got
>messages from htdig saying that it couldn't find my PDF parser. I
>worry to much about that, but then:
> /usr/bin/sort: @DATABASE_DIR@/sort0070600000: No such
file or directory
> htmerge: Word sort failed"

That first person, in response to another list user, seems to think it
has to do with the way he compiled it, since there was a mistake.
However, it works fine for me on lots of sites but just not on that very
large one. I was watching while it compiled and don't remember
getting any errors either.
This is the only other message I have seen with that problem that I
have. I would guess it was uncommon. The only thing I could think
of was that it needed more space to sort due to the number of
pages? I tried to make a sort dir in several bin dirs on my drive.. but
that did not help.
the error I got started with just
where as directly above you can see that persons was
I get this error when searching our site directly.. in house, OR on
the host web server.
I guess I can install dig here at home and see if it does the same

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