htdig: Undefined Symbols in htdig compile

Brian K. Justice (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 09:11:38 -0400 (EDT)


        Hello there. I'mtrying to compile htdig under Solaris 2.6, with
gcc 2.8.1, libg++ 2.7.2, and libstdc++ This was a *very* bare
system, so after getting all the above and then some, I'm getting the
following error trying to compile htdig:

c++ -o htdig -L../htlib -L../htcommon -L../gdbm-1.7.3 -L../rx-1.5/rx Document.o
HTML.o Images.o Parsable.o Plaintext.o Postscript.o Retriever.o SGMLEntities.o S
erver.o URLRef.o main.o ExternalParser.o -lcommon -lht -lgdbm -lrx
Undefined first referenced
 symbol in file
socket ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
getpeername ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
gethostbyname ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
accept ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
bind ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
setsockopt ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
rresvport ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
getservbyname ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
gethostbyaddr ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
inet_addr ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
timegm Document.o
inet_ntoa ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
getsockname ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
listen ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
connect ../htlib/libht.a(Connection.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to htdig
make[1]: *** [htdig] Error 1

        The htlib/libht.a library compiles cleanly, and obviously
exists. What's up? Any help much appreciated..........


Brian K. Justice Software Engineer
Raytheon Systems Company email:
7700 Arlington Blvd., M/S N102 phone: (703) 560-5000 x 2840
Falls Church, VA 22046-1572
                #include <raytheon/policy/95-1002-110>

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