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Wed, 9 Sep 1998 11:16:33 -0230 (NDT)

On Sep 8, 2:24pm, Andrew Scherpbier wrote:
> Subject: Re: HT Dig
> Jason Bennett wrote:
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> > Does your HTDIG search engine handle image maps?
> >
> > Jason
> It should. To be sure, check the source.
> (BTW, it is called ht://Dig)
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> Andrew Scherpbier <>
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Hi there. On another note. Each time I run the ht://Dig scripts to create a
database for the web sites I have selected, I get this:

htdig: 13 documents
htdig: 15 documents <----------+
htdig: 43 documents |
htdig: 57 documents |
htdig: 16 documents |
-snip- |

I'm getting this extra server in here with a (.) at the end of it. I've
checked the http server config and there is no entry for that server. I have
no idea where it's coming from. I can't find any links that point to such a
place. Could it be possible that one of the other sites (ie;
may have a link to a page with the address entered incorrectly causing this to

My ht://Dig configuartion file for start URL's looks like:


Any help would be appreciated.



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