htdig: subdirectory exclusion

Mark E. Einstein (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 11:42:23 +0000

i'm new to this list so please get gentle. i tried looking at the "old"
list so see if my question has been answered many time before, but ie
explorer refused the posted URl.

i should also point out that i am an UNIX novice, so what may be obvious to
you, isn't always to myself.

1. i have told htdig to index one of my web sites -

there are several subdirectories below /aquanic
that i don't want to appear in the database - ie

/aquanic/tmp for example. i need to exclude all the files in that

in my htdig.conf file, under the exclude_uls,
i used the syntax tmp/*.* but that apparently isn't correct as when i
search the site, documents that are in the tmp/ subdirectory show up.

any pointer - or even a pointer to the archive of this mailing list would
be greatly appreciated.

2. how do i maintain multiple databases for separate sites, each with
their own "search.htm" file? i maintain 5 separate web site, and would
like to have a search unique to each site.


Mark E. Einstein
Sr. Statistical Associate

AquaNIC System Operator

sgnis System Operator

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