htdig: Missing fstream.h and stream.h

Scott Glasser (
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 10:40:19 -0400


I'm trying to build htdig 3.0.8b2 on Solaris 2.5 (SunOS 5.5.1, to be
precise), but a large number of files include fstream.h, which is not
part of the my system includes, thus:

c++ -c -g -O
-I../htlib -I../htcommon -I../include -I../gdbm-1.7.3 -I../rx-1.5/rx fstream.h: No such file or directory

I'm also missing stream.h.

I don't see fstream.h nor stream.h in the gcc distribution, but have
them in the SUNWspro distribution; problem is that the SUNWSpro includes
don't seem to be compatible with gcc. I suspect I haven't installed
everything I need on my system, but I don't know where to get what's
missing. Any advice or direction would be most helpful.

-- Scott

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