Wed, 2 Sep 1998 13:34:17 EDT

...for such a quick reply.

I want to say that I appreciate your work with ht://Dig and making it open for
the public to have access to unlike most workable search eng's with 5 digit
price tags.

My site is not live yet so I can't send you the url. I hope to be plugged into
the net by Monday.

I freaked out! After a month and a half of being void of any social life and
greeting the morning sun from behind my computer more times then I want to
remember I found the problem with Netscape and ht://Dig.

I had just started to put a hole in the wall with my head when I got your
email. Even though the answer was not in your email it was a boost to my
energy level to know that you would respond to the my email so quickly.

I took a deep breath and then started to look at the simple stuff.

I discovered that it was USER ERROR!

I had junk in the restrict and exclude hidden fields that seem to have caused
the problem. I will look into this later and fill you in once the site goes

No error msg showed up. The result from ht://Dig was as follows No matches
were found for 'New or '

Once I cleaned up the hidden fields the problem went away.

I will be back in-touch once I get my site online. Maybe I can be of
assistance in the future.


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