htdig: support of virtual domains??

Chris Magnuson (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 20:45:22 -0600

I have found the allow_virtual_hosts keyword and set it to true in
/etc/htdig.conf, then I specified multiple start_url values specified by
white space for the 2 virtual web sites I was interested in generating
search info for.

After running htdig and htmerge, I did a search and it seems that the
searches are not site-specific. In other words, if I search for
"Macintosh" it will pull up all the entries for BOTH of the virtual sites,
instead of just pulling up the results for the one I want.

How do I create multiple databases so that one site has one search database
and another site has another database? Seems like specifying something to
htsearch would be a natural way to do it, but I don' see that in the docs.
Must be another way?

I searched the archives and found lots of into about how htdig didn't work
if the sites don't have their own IP address, but that is not the case
here. These sites definitely have their own addresses. I'm thinking the
problem is that I haven't configured things right to separate the 2
different site databases. Either that, or I am not invoking the htsearch

I think I need a hint!


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