Re: htdig: Local File Access

Jeff Hill (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 11:32:16 -0400 wrote:
> > However, it appears the local_urls directive won't work without
> >
> > start_url:
> It does help to tell ht://Dig where to start. :-) Since you might start
> with several servers, but would like it to use local_urls on this machine,
> ht://Dig always needs the start_url directive.

I thought local_urls might set the start_url directive.
> Were you able to get it to work w/o a start_url BEFORE applying Pasi's
> patches?

Yes. ht://Dig worked quite well before I patched it, except it took 4-5
hours to dig my site. Interestingly, with the patches, without
local_urls being set to my site and no start_url, it digs

I used GNU patch to do the patches. I'll look back at the patched code
and see if anything looks terribly out of whack.

At least knowing that it requries a start_url directive is a good start.

Thanks for the help,

Jeff Hill

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