htdig: Local File Access

Jeff Hill (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 00:54:38 -0400

Using a group of patches made by Pasi Eronen (for htdig3.0.8b1) for
local file access, I applied them to htdig3.0.8b2, as I thought from
what I had read of the mail archives that they were not previously
applied to the b2 release.

I've been trying to get local file access to work, based on Pasi's
instructions with the patches:


However, it appears the local_urls directive won't work without


Is that correct, that I need both diretives in htdig.conf? I seem to be
having problems indexing, but it may be some other problem. I did have a
working version of htdig3.08b2 without patches, but it was so slow
indexing the site that I thought I'ld try the patches.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Jeff Hill

P.S. Thanks for the patches -- and htdig

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