A question about htdig.

Karen S.Mkoyan (crash@Lx2.YerPhI.AM)
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:17:05 +0500 (BSD)

My name is Karen S. Mkoyan.I'm the webmasater of
Yerevan State University.I put htdig search engine to my site ,
it's REALLY GREAT software.But I have a little problem ,which
I hope you can solve.So here's it.
I installed the software mad my database.
Today I add 3 or 4 new pages,and wanted to remake the database,
to put the new html files in database, you got? So befor that
I delited my old database,and when I started to convert from
html to db , it convertted only new files (but I delited old
ones!).So my question is , how to make htdig convert all my site
once again??
I'm waiting for your answer.

Al the best

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