Re: htdig: Script Headers?

Graham Wilton (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:09:20 +0100

(earlier part of correspondence snipped)
> > I tried this, and got the reply "Segmentation fault - core dumped" -
> > sounds pretty serious, and certainly explains the Apache error message.
> > Any idea of the cause?
> >
> Graham,
> I am currently setting up another engine on a Slackware Linux
> 2.0.34 box and I get the same problem.
> I believe that you go some major barfing during the compile. The Digger
> and HtFuzzy seem to be more resiliant to incorrect compiling. So far I
> don't have the answer but I am going to be working on and hopefully
> resolve it.
> Things I am going to try :
> Install an new copy of gcc. Check the libg++ etc...
> Maren.
> PS. I didn't know Presetle was still alive.
My original install was from an RPM. I've now installed as per the
instructions at the HTDig site, and (almost) everything is working
perfectly. Thanks to everyone for your help.

The only problem left is that some of my colleagues are using Microsoft's
Front Page to write their web pages. The links between these pages are not
picked up by htdig (and having seen the HTML I'm not surprised). Is there a
solution - or should I just delete Front Page from their machines (my
preferred option).

Prestel had been surviving as a provider of services to travel agents (I
think). It's now a pretty good ISP - at least, I've had no problems.

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